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Our 27-acre farm blends traditional farming with environmental care. Honey bees, chickens, turkeys, sheep, and pigs live alongside heritage orchards, contributing to our approach to regenerative farming.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We rely on the land to produce flavorful, healthy, and ethically grown food. We focus on heritage breeds and heirloom varieties, offering a selection demonstrating our dedication to ecological balance and quality.

Our goal is to achieve harmony with the environment. As Keating Farm’s keepers, we welcome you to explore the relationship between the land we value and the food we offer, highlighting our commitment to excellence and sustainable practices.


Please contact us by email or phone to place an order or stop by our farm stand.
We currently stock the farm stand daily with eggs. All other products are available by appointment.



Farm fresh non-GMO eggs from happy, pastured chickens. Our eggs have brilliant orange coloured yolks with clear whites and farm-fresh flavour from a foraging and vegetable diet.


$25/600g and $50/1200g

Our honey is raw, unprocessed and contains no additives. The flavour of our honey changes a bit each year depending on the season and conditions experienced by the bees. Our bees remain on-site throughout the year so you really get the flavour of the wildflowers on the farm. This year our wildflower honey is a lovely golden colour with subtle hints of linden flower and blackberry.


$27.50/5L box of Apple or Pear

A mixture of several varieties of organic heritage fruit. The apple juice is made from a mix of  5 different heritage varieties (Spartan, King, Transparent, Golden Russet, and Tydeman’s Red). The pear juice is made from a mix of  5 different heritage varieties (Bosc, Bartlett, Anjous, Comice, and Seckel). The cold press and flash pasteurization process retain the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It can be stored for six months without refrigeration.


$14 to $25.00/lb for individual cuts

Pastured pork from heritage breed pigs. Heritage breed pork is well-marbled and juicy, unlike lean conventional pork. The meat is tender, with a rich flavour from a predominantly vegetable and foraging diet. We offer individual cuts including tenderloin, bacon, belly, sausage, chops, smoked hams, roasts, ribs, ground, smoked hocks, trotters, fat, and skin. Sausages are gluten-free with no fillers or dairy. Bacon, hams and hocks are smoked with hickory and applewood. Custom cuts and complete sides (half a pig cut and wrapped) are available with pre-order.



Sold Out – Next Available Fall 2024

Pastured Orlopp Bronze turkeys. Non-conventional breed yielding delicious plump caramel meat with robust flavour. Pastured, fed free-choice non-GMO and organic grain and finished on fallen apples, pears and plums. Sizes range from 18 to 25 pounds.


$15 to $35/lb for individual cuts

Pastured Dorper, Icelandic, Arcott, and Suffolk sheep. The meat is tender with delicious grass-fed flavour. We offer individual cuts including chops, rack roast, leg roast, shoulder roast, shanks, and ground. Custom cuts and complete sides (half a lamb cut and wrapped) are available with pre-order.


$8.00/lb whole chickens 

Sold Out – Next Available Spring 2024

Pastured Mistral Gris meat birds, a heritage breed cross and Label Rouge style of poultry. They are slow-growing with deeply flavourful and tender meat, low in cholesterol and fat. Sizes range from 4 to 8 pounds.


Accepting Orders Now for the Summer 2024 Harvest!

First cut hay. Square bales stored in a dry barn. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Great feed for sheep, horses, or cattle. Local delivery available for an additional charge.

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